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EFI Servicing

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system plays very critical role in a modern automobile.

Your vehicle gives peak performance and better mileage only when an electronic fuel injection system is installed synergistically with sophisticated computer controls and a high-pressure fuel delivery system.

EFI is controlled by an Electronic control unit (ECU).

After monitoring the data obtained from over thirty different engine and emission sensors ECU releases a requisite quantity of fuel and air for the combustion process.

ECU ensures peak performance and better fuel efficiency with the least exhaust emissions.
Poor fuel efficiency, backfiring, technical snag during car turned off and rough idling reflects EFI problems.

An adultered fuel or blocked injectors can cause EFI problems.
Our skilled professionals use advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint problems in EFI system and resolve it immediately.
For any EFI related services and tuning please contact us.

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